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Inventores negros de 1800 a 2000

Este vídeo mostra algumas invenções feitas por pessoas negras nos EUA, entre os anos de 1800 a 2000.

Patentes concedidas a:

A. Benjamin--Stainlees Steel Scouring Pad
A.J. Beard--Car Coupling
A. P. Ashbourne--Biscuit Cutter
B. Edmond & N.E. Barnes--Automatic Film Mover
B.F. Baker--Automatic Cashier
C.A. Bankhead--Assembled Composition Printing Press
C.A. Bailiff--Shampoo Head Rest
C.W. Allen--Self Leveling Table
Cecil Rivers--Circuit Breaker with Single Test Button Mechanism
D. Baker--Signal Apparatus
G.E. Becket--Letter Box
G.T. Sampson--Clothes Dryer
George Alcorn--Method of Fabricating an imaging X-ray spectrometer
George Grant--Golf Tee
Henry Blair--Seed Planter
J.A. Sauer--Coin Changer Mechanism
J.B. Allen--Clothes Line Support
J.H. Smith--Lawn Sprinkler
J.M. Allen--Remote Control Apparatus
J.S. Adams--Propelling means fro Aeroplanes
J.S. Allen--Package Tie
Jerry Shelby--Engine protection system for recoverable rocket booster
L.C. Bailey--Combined Truss and Bandage & Folding Bed
Marcelleaus P. Baines--Motor vehicle engine immobilizer security system and method, co-inventors Thomas M. Forest, David T. Proefke, Axel Nix
N. Alexander--Folding Chair
Patricia Bath--Laser Apparatus for surgery of Cataractous Lenses
R.T. Allen--Vertical Coin Counting Tube
Ralp.W. Alexander--Corn Planter Check Bower
Sarah Boone--Ironing Board
Sharon Barnes--Process and apparatus for contactless measurement of sample tempature( urine samples)
Tanya R. Allen--Undergarment with a pocket for releasably securing an absorbent pad
Virgie M. Ammons--Fireplace Damper Actuating Tool
W.B. Abrams--Hame Attachment
W. Bailis--Ladder Scaffold Support
W. Barry--Mail cancelling machine and mailing stamping machine
W. J. Ballow--Combined hat rack and table

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Samuel disse...

Porreiro bastante cultural... nice work

Marcus Hennryque ..palmeirense disse...
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Marcus Hennryque ..palmeirense disse...

interessante..tdo qe eu estava procuraandu...vllw aii...briigaddão heiin

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